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Pérez Barquero 1905 Amontillado Solera Fundacional Lote B

Pérez Barquero 1905 Amontillado Solera Fundacional Lote B

Vin fortifié 
Producteur: Pérez Barquero
Capacité: 75 Cl.
100 01/04/2016 Robert Parker
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Notes sur Pérez Barquero 1905 Amontillado Solera Fundacional Lote B

The Wine Advocate (Apr-2016): "The NV 1905 Amontillado Solera Fundacional Lot B 2016 is a limited release of their oldest Amontillado, taken from the soleras that were started the year the winery was created in 1905; but it is not a pure vintage wine from that year, instead it is a blend of great complexity of multiple vintages aged in a dynamic soleras and criaderas system. I explain this here, because having the date as part of the wine name or brand name creates great confusion, and you should be aware of the differences between a 1905 vintage wine and a 1905 solera wine. A solera wine can be older or younger depending how much wine is taken out each year, and the average age of the wine is according to that. Here, they bottled some 1,000 bottles ten years ago from a total of seven 600-liter barrels, and the quantity was replaced with wine from the 31 butts (casks) of very old wine that was selected as the 'criadera' for the solera. So the average age is kept very high, and the bottled wine that is offered now is thought to be 80- to 90-years-old on average.

In any case, this small refreshing of the wine ten years ago (the bottled wine had to be replaced with slightly younger wine from the older criaderas) seems to have done it good, and ironically though a little 'younger' than the previous bottling, it seems more balanced and elegant - especially as it has had plenty of time, some ten years, to blend in the newer wine. The result is astonishing. The nose combines the obvious very old wine characteristics of rusty iron, iodine, varnish, incense and oyster shells with fresher hazelnuts, noble varnished woods and a touch of white pepper. The palate is intense, terribly complex and persistent, but with gobsmacking balance and elegance, while being powerful and very concentrated. Here, time concentrates everything - alcohol, acidity and sugar, but the wine manages to keep good balance in a sort of 'a lot of everything'. I cannot see how to improve this wine (other than perhaps the packaging). This should be virtually indestructible, as it has been slowly oxidized for close to a century, so nothing is going to harm it now. 1,000 bottles were filled in January 2016. "

Degré alcoolique: 21%
Température de service: entre 6ºC et 12ºC
Période de consommation optimale: 2017-2032
Coupe recommandé pour un meilleur goût: Coupe Sherry
Accords: Confiserie, Crème Glacée, Chocolate, Desserts, Fromage Bleu.

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