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Siglo Saco Crianza 2012

Siglo Saco Crianza 2012

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Vin Rouge Crianza
Producteur: Bodegas Age
Zone: Rioja (Espagne)
Capacité: 75 Cl.
85 01/01/2016 Guía Peñín
99 €
4,99 €
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Degré alcoolique: 13,5%
Température de service: entre 12ºC et 16ºC
Période de consommation optimale: 2012-2018
Il ne est pas nécessaire de décanter le vin
Coupe recommandé pour un meilleur goût: Coupe Tempranillo
Accords: Chasse, Fromage Guéri, Légumes, Les Ragoûts, Rôtis, Viandes rouges grillées.

Note des utilisateurs Siglo Saco Crianza 2012

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A wonderful wine and great value for money. Delivery and service from Ebuywines exactly as described on the tin


What a great wine at a great price. I have ordered 3 cases of Siglo over the past 6 months, and it cant be beaten for quality and drinkability. The service from Ebuywines is excellent, and I would recommend their range of Wines.


First tasted this wine in Tenerife and enjoyed it so much. Searched the Internet to see if we could find it anywhere. Great service from ebuywines and excellent price


An excellent wine and reasonably priced. Goes well with both Lamb and Beef dishes

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